Virtual Credit Card
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Internet Shopping Credit Card Features

  • Use prepaid credit card to make your payments on the Internet;
  • Use Internet shopping credit card to pay for any purchase or service provided that does not requires in-person presentment of a general-purpose card;
  • The card account balance and transaction history of Internet shopping credit card available via Internet account;
  • Prepaid credit card sold, delivered and redeemed online;
  • Prepaid credit card is reloadable by check, money order or wire transfer.

Internet Shopping Credit Card Advantages

  • Fast, hassle free application process;
  • Credit card fraud protection. No need to use your existing credit card data in the Internet to prevent the credit card data interception or misuse;
  • With the Internet shopping credit card, you can keep your "real" and "virtual" payments separate so that you can manage your purchases better and limit the potential damage should the account number be intercepted;
  • Financial privacy - information on your Internet purchases with Internet shopping credit card will not appear in your "real" card statements;
  • No security deposit required;
  • It is prepaid credit card and you can't incur credit or over-the-limit fees by spending more than you have on it.