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Internet Shopping Tips & Tricks

Shopping online is much safer than driving a car. However it's useful to know some tips and recommendations to ensure that your shopping experience is convenient and secure.
Check the Internet store. 1. Learn as much as you can about the seller before you buy. See if the web site has a contact information such as phone and fax numbers, e-mail and legal addresses. Be aware of merchants that do not disclose this data.
2. Make sure that the merchant site uses a secure Internet technology such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This technology considerably reduces the risk of fraud, because no one but the intended party can read your personal information.
3. Check and remember the merchant's name that should appear in your transaction report.
Where the e-shop is located? 1. Consider currency, taxes (VAT and customs) and shipping and handling costs. Purchases abroad in your card transaction list will be nominated in the basic currency.
2. Be sure the merchant will deliver goods to Latvia (or other country of your residence). Before confirming the purchases ask about delivery terms; also determine the total cost.
3. Check delivery and return policies. Make sure you can return any unsatisfactory items and check to see if your money can be refunded.
Be careful when shopping. 1. Before completing an online transaction, read the terms and policies on the merchant's home page. Especially if this is the merchant you are not familiar with.
2. Keep a record of your transactions, including the merchant's URL (Internet address), confirmation pages and e-mails. Print out all the information on your transaction, including the product description, delivery information, privacy policy, warranties, and any confirmation notices that the seller sends you.
3. Do not send the credit card information through e-mail. When you send your payment information, always make sure you're using a secure browser, such as Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or above. Also, ensure that the merchant site uses a secure Internet technology.
4. Guard your personal information. Don't provide information that you're unlikely to give, or feel uncomfortable when disclosing it. There are no circumstances that can make you to provide the information unrelated to the transaction. For example:
  • PIN code
  • birth date;
  • financial accoutn information;
  • passport data;
  • mother's maiden name or some other password.
How to act if 1. Contact the internet store if goods haven't been received in time or the purchase amount is incorrect. Call, fax or e-mail the merchant and describe the problem. Keep record of all your correspondence.
2. Experience shows that all the questions usually are settled between the seller and buyer. However if there is some confusion with card transaction, please contact the issuing bank.